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The company that has developed the Apex Legends over the last few years it has launched the Beta Mobile version in certain limited countries this March XNUMXth at Pacific time. This test version was released only in one country in order to test it and improve the actions of the legends, the game modes and other precise aspects so that the game can run perfectly. It is very normal that you can achieve all kinds of failures and bugs in this first release, we invite you to write your beliefs on the official pages of Apex Legends, with this you contribute to the prosperity of the game.  

The countries in which the Apex Legends Mobile are N. Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, the Philippines and Indonesia and at the moment it is only available for mobile devices that have an Android system until they achieve compatibility with IOS. After the launch of the game there will be a lot of free content about it on the Apex Legends social networks.

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How to play Apex Legends Mobile

How to play Apex Legends Mobile: Requirements

In order to play Apex Legends we must have a mobile device that has: 

  • Android 8.1
  • 3 or XNUMX GB of free storage according to the packages you download in the game.
  • Screens N/L/XL
  • GL three.0 

The modality to be able to play it is very similar to the one that we have been handling with other shooting games that are free for mobile devices, the screen is divided into two parts, on the left we will find the movement buttons, sliding, to use zip lines, review the inventory, among many others. While on the right side there are going to be those shooting buttons, to move the sight and each and every one of the aiming aspects.

At the moment there are only two-finger configurations, but over time the community players will create their configurations to be faster and take advantage of their opponents in each game of Apex Legends.

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