How to remove the gyroscope in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a quite innovative Battle Royale in which not only the most popular game mode is offered these days, but also a set of features, mechanics, and tricks that make the game even more attractive. If you want to know how to remove the gyroscope in Apex Legends, in this tutorial we are going to explain everything you need to know in this regard to master the subject.

The gyroscope is a mechanic that multiple games use today and that has become relevant in Battle Royale because it gives players the ability to have better control over their weapons. 

How to remove the gyroscope in Apex Legends

How to remove the gyroscope in Apex Legends

This allows primarily to monitor the recoil, and even more accurately aim without moving the joysticks, but rather only the device. To many people this may seem innovative, and there are even people who take it as a primary game mechanic to take advantage of, while others only want to disable that alternative. 

And it is that motion control can be something comfortable and refreshing. It leaves a more fluid game where you are able to monitor precise movements without relying on a medium. However, in certain cases it is quite uncomfortable due to the mere fact that by moving 3cm something can ruin the sight. 

If you want to disable this feature, it will be quite simple, considering that the configuration of the Nintendo Switch is quite intuitive. It is only necessary to access the options menu and search for something.

Now you are going to enter the control settings section, where you can configure everything related to your controller. If you scroll down this menu a bit, you'll see an alternative called motion control.

By default it is activated, so what you are going to do is move the bar until it is no. Then you will have deactivated the option and you will be able to play without any sort of camera movement movement. 

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