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The event of the pharaoh arrived and the whole planet wonders where the sculptures are in PUBG Mobile. In this article we will mention its location and everything you must do to comply with the event in question. First of all, you must achieve the throne. The truth is that it is quite simple to find it. Make sure you can't run into it on Miramar or Vikendi, as this event doesn't take place on those maps. 

If you want to know the location of the pharaoh's throne, you must first locate yourself in Erangel. It would have made more sense to explore the barren maps, for the matter of being something related to Egypt, but they have decided that everything is here. 

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Where are the Sculptures PubG Mobile

Where are the Sculptures PubG Mobile

When you start the match, head towards Mylta. From here everything will be a piece of cake to achieve the pharaoh's throne. Simply stand in front of the town shed and you will find a golden chair. Press the action button and your character will interact with the exact same one, unlocking a discount code. 

Now we must look for the sculptures of PUBG Mobile. Each of them is quite simple to achieve, since they are in parts of the map that are quite visited by players. 

  • You can see the first of the sculptures located in School. If you have seen the empty pool, you will know how to get there. Simply head to the area and take a dip to interact with the sculpture. 
  • You will locate another in Ruins. It is located in front of the site church. You will probably get players around here, so be careful. Remember to be armed and well protected. 
  • The last one is the most difficult to find since it is in the middle of nowhere, and the only thing we can use as a reference is a destroyed airplane, which is right in front of it. Once you find it, it should be easy to access the sculpture located in Shooting Range.
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