When is the Clash Royale Anniversary

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Did you know Clash Royale do you have your anniversary? Since yes! It is a unique date in which there are unique events and rewards. This is why it is a season awaited by each and every one of the game enthusiasts. Therefore, in today's article you will know when is the anniversary of Clash Royaleand how to prepare 

Clash Royale, apart from being somewhat pay to win, makes many events so that the game is not monotonous. Everything always and in all circumstances is about a different theme, making the game active and getting it to be in constant change. In this sense, the anniversary is a rather unique date, in which unique events and rewards cannot be missed. Today you will know everything about your next event.

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When is the Clash Royale Anniversary

when is clash royale anniversary

The clash royale anniversaries are celebrated after essential festivals such as the holidays, especially the day 04 de Enero, due to the fact that it was on 04/01 more than two thousand and sixteen when the beta of this game began its tour of the gamer planet. Clash Royale was a considerably more basic game, which was clearly inspired by the winners, or units that were handled in Clash of Clans, having continuity with this cosmos.

This game at the beginning had only 42 cards and March 6 marked XNUMX years of the launch of Clash Royale. Now, developer Supercell is marking the occasion by launching the game's "biggest community event ever," titled The Royale Crown Down, which will take place from the first to the second of March. 
Players must join one of the one teams led by different content authors that will be revealed on March 8. They must complete challenges to put their team ahead, and the winner will receive a "super secret unique reward," according to the announcement. But, the event offers activities for each and every one of the players. Royale Crown Down it will also bring 3 challenges in the game.
It should be noted that before it begins The Royale Crown Down, a new season will be released on Clash Royale. It is titled Birthday Royale and will start on March XNUMX, according to Royale API. 

Events for the anniversary celebration

  • March 12-XNUMX – Championship Royale Challenge begins 
  • March 17-2 – 2vXNUMX Challenge 
  • March 21 - Infinite Elixir Challenge 

Please note that playing challenges allows players to not only earn points for their team, but also unlock exclusive achievements and rewards, such as a Healing Buddy Emote, magical coins so that the Captains give them away to the community, unique events and much more. 

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