Where is the Throne of the Pharaoh PubG Mobile

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The events of PUBG Mobile they are quite entertaining. This time, the game has surprised us with the pharaoh x suit. It is an event where there is the possibility of achieving a completely exclusive golden suit, and the truth is, it is quite handsome. If you want to know where the pharaoh's throne is located in PUBG Mobile, read this article where little by little we will narrate its location and the procedure that you must follow to achieve the suit. 

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Where is the Throne of the Pharaoh PubG Mobile

Where is the Throne of the Pharaoh PubG Mobile

First of all, keep in mind that you must play on Erangel. In other maps this does not work, since it is an event that is reduced to a single location. So forget about Miramar, Vikendi and the rest. Then you need to start a game with this chosen map. Now that you are in the plane, dial Mylta and glide your way there. Remember that to arrive long before the rest of the players you must plan from a distance of fifteen hundred meters. 

The pharaoh's throne is right in front of one of the sheds in this small town. To use it, stand next to it and press the action button. An animation will then play that will give you a key to open the chest. Certain parts of the pharaoh's sculpture are scattered throughout the map. You must find three of them to fill the event. The first is in the school, in the empty swimming pool. 

The other is in the ruins, just in front of the church. This is another hot spot on the map, so watch out for other players, who might try to take you down. 

Finally, you must go to the Shooting range and look for the destroyed plane. The third sculpture will be located just behind him, and then you will have each and every one of the pieces to fill the event. 

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