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Nos articles on Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Javazon Guide Lightnings Fury Diablo 2 Resurrected With the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected it's interesting to wonder which builds are the strongest. Here's how to play the Amazon's Furious Lightning Javazon build, one of the best in the game.

Long awaited by hack'n'slash enthusiasts and Blizzard fans, Diablo 2: Resurrected come. Players will thus be able to rediscover the different builds.

Here's how to build and play the build Javazon Furious Lightnings from the Amazon, one of the best builds in the game.

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Diablo 2: Resurrected Javazon Furious Lightning Build Talent and Skill Tree


  • Put a point in the following skills: Pierce, Slow Missiles, Ball Lightning, Furious Lightning.
  • Level up to level 20 the following skills (in order): Furious Lightning, Ball Lightning, Ball Lightning, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fire.

Loadouts, stats, and charms of the Amazon's Furious Lightning Javazon build

Just put the dexterity and strength needed to equip your weapons and armor. Everything else goes Vitality.

Here is the list of required equipment. This list contains BiS gear but if you find gear that gives similar stats you can equip it. Maxroll offers comprehensive lists.

Head Griffin's Eye (unique) Hands Bone fist (rare)
Torso Enigma (Jah Ith Ber) boots Scrambler (unique)
Belt razor's edge (unique)    
Weapons (set 1 and 2)
Javelin 1 Revenge of the Titan (unique) Crystal Sword 2 Scar (Amn Ral Mal Is Ohm)
Shield 1 Mind (Tal Thul Ort Amn) Shield 2 Phoenix (Vex Vex Lo Jah)
Amulet Wrath of the Lord (unique) Ring 1 Corveau gel (unique)
Charm Fortune of Gheed (unique) Ring 2 The Stone of Jordan (unique)
Charm Annihilus (unique) Charm Hellfire Torch (unique)

Supplement charms with luck and vitality charms increasing javelin skill.

Mercenary (Act 2)
Poor Infinite (Ber Mal Ber Ist) Head Andariel's Face (unique)
Torso Fortitude (The Sun Dol Lo)    

Tips for the Javazon Build Amazon's Furious Lightnings

Your primary damage spells are Furious Lightning, for Packs and Ball Lightning for the bosses. Against lightning immune enemies, use Stroke. Use slow missile against enemies from a distance.

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Don't forget to use the Teleportation of the'Enigma and to change weapon set when you are low in mana to have thephoenix aura.

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