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Our articles on Civilization 6 Civilization 6: Rise & Fall - Korea On the eve of the release of the first extension of Civilization 6, we present to you all the novelties!

Extension Rise & Fall de Civilization VI as always brings its share of novelties. Among these, Firaxis Games adds civilizations to us, to extend the gaming experience and the variety of strategies for all players, from the most neophytes to the most knowledgeable. Let's take a look at one of these new civilizations, Korea with Queen Seondeok at its head.


Exclusive Ability: The Three Kingdoms



This special ability allows you to gain bonuses based on what you build near your seowon, Korea's special facility. If you build a mine, you will gain +1  Science. If you instead build a farm, you will gain +1  Food.



Exclusive Leader Bonus: Hwarang



This simple yet effective bonus will simply give you a 5% boost to  culture and  Science in each city where you have a governor. Very strong in combination with your exclusive layout.



Exclusive layout: the Seowon



Bonus seowon: +6 Science

This district exclusive to Korea replaces the Campus. It must be built on a Hill space, and will give you +1 point of Illustrious Scholar per turn. However, for each other district that will be adjacent to your seowon space, you will lose 1  de Science.



Unit茅 exclusive: Hwacha



Unit Features: 2 Movement, 30  Power, 50  Remote power, 2  Range

This ranged unit will be available during Rebirth. Much more powerful than the other ranged units of this period, this unit will be a weapon of weight in the event of armed conflict. However, who says bonus says malus, and your hwacha will not be able to attack and move in the same turn. Be strategic.



How to play Korea?


This civilization is going to be a juggernaut  Scientist. With the bonus that your Leader Bonus gives you, if you manage to make the most of the seowon you can very quickly achieve an unassailable lead in your research for your opponents. This advance will be jealous, so quickly think about reaching the Renaissance to produce a good ranged army and thus keep away any jealous people who have decided to come and steal your work!

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