How to play Apex Legends in Split Screen

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Apex Legends is a shooting game that is free for both consoles and PC. Today there is a problem that players who enjoy this magnificent Battle Royale from their consoles are presenting, especially since most games on Ps4 or Xbox One can be played together, they have not found a way to being able to play two people Apex Legends from a console. In this article, we are going to explain all the news of the split screen in Apex Legends

Apex Legends It is a game that at the moment is not free to play in split screen, both on consoles and on PC. Still, this game has great graphic quality and requires a GPU as powerful as possible so that the game runs perfectly, at least a hundred incessant fps, which are essential in this kind of game that a few seconds are a noticeable advantage among players. 

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How to play Apex Legends in Split Screen

How to play Apex Legends in Split Screen

A way to play it corporately apart from online has not yet been created, so many players in the community have filed their protests through multiple social networks of Electronics Arts and Respawn Entertainment. Truly, it is not an easy task to put a game in split screen, it requires a lot of work and probably the companies that develop the game can do it in some update, the only thing left for the gaming community is to wait patiently. 

You can instantly play with your friends who have the Apex Legends from exactly the same gaming platform as , as crossplay has not yet been enabled. You can add them by their name or in-game ID and enjoy this amazing Battle Royale together. Join Apex Legends and try each and every game mode together. 

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