Best weapons in COD: Mobile Season 5 – the strongest and most broken weapons

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 has just started and in addition to an abundance of new content, TiMi Studios, the developers of the game, have introduced a set of interesting balance changes in order to shake up the meta.

While the changes aren't as drastic as in the previous season, they're meant to dethrone nerfed firearms from the top of their class and make room for other guns to gain power and popularity as the Season 5 meta grows.

As with previous balance changes, this update focuses primarily on the SMG class, as two of the most powerful weapons in this class have received significant nerfs, the QXR and PP-19 Bizon.

With all the changes taken into consideration, along with new weapons, we present to you the most powerful COD: mobile weapons for every class in Season 5.

Best Weapons in COD: Mobile Season 5

Below are the best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile for the start of Season 5, with the five main weapon classes represented.

Best Assault Rifle: CR-56 AMAX

(Photo : Activision)

Although we love our AK-47, after hours of extensive testing of a new assault rifle, we have no doubt that the CR-56 AMAX is one of the best guns in Season 5.

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The weapon performs very well at mid-range and close-range, and in many cases acts like an SMG, making it a perfect fit for the typically smaller COD: Mobile maps. Mobility of an SMG and rate of fire of an AR? Yes please!

Best SMG: Razorback

(Photo : Activision)

The biggest changes are to the SMG class. As we mentioned before, the QXR dominated the Season 4 meta, with all the buffs the weapon received, but it turns out it was just too powerful for the meta to be healthy, which resulted in several powerful nerfs in Season 5.

With the PP-19 Bizon also being severely nerfed, the title of new SMG king now belongs to the Razorback. With its very high damage and solid rate of fire, it's a perfect choice for close combat.

Best Marksman/Sniper Rifle: MK2 Carbine

(Photo : Activision)

Here we have another spoof at the top. The Locus has been slightly nerfed but more than enough to be removed from our list of best weapons in COD: Mobile.

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Our new go-to pick is the MK2 Carbine, a marksman carbine added the previous season. With its insane damage and range, it can kill anyone from anywhere with a single bullet. When you add the weapon's reliable accuracy to the mix, you have the ultimate mid-range weapon in COD: Mobile.

Best light machine gun: UL 736

(Photo : Activision)

As one of my colleagues describes it, the UL736 is like an AK-47 with a lot more bullets.

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It's pretty lethal in long-range combat, while being reliable at close and medium range. The weapon's accuracy and range are the combo that makes this weapon such a good choice. Besides that, it is one of the easiest LMGs to control in the game. There is no mistake when picking the UL 737.

Best shotgun: KRM-262

(Photo : Activision)

Finally, the only class that has not undergone any changes in our list of the best CODs: mobile weapons.

The KRM-262 has established itself as one of the best COD: Mobile shotguns for several seasons now, and things aren't going to change in Season 5. The weapon offers a lot of versatility for a class that typically ranks you in a very specific style of play. , and that's why the KRM-262 still remains popular and retains the title of best shotgun in COD: Mobile Season 5.

There you have it, the best COD: Mobile Season 5 weapons for all major classes in the game!

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