Best Sten Gear for Warzone Pacific Season 1

The first season of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has arrived, and many players are testing the waters with many guns to determine which are the most powerful and broken weapons to use in Caldera. Warzone Pacific's first season also features a long menu of exciting content, including new POIs, Operators, gameplay features, vehicles, and the integration of over forty COD Vanguard guns into the game.

The Sten Submachine Gun (SMG) has a high rate of fire with naturally low recoil, although moderate damage. While it doesn't compare to the MP40 or other S-level SMGS, it can be scary in the right hands, especially in close-range engagements and when paired with the right accessories. So with that said, here is the best Sten Gunsmith class setup at the start of Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Best Sten Gear in Warzone

The following loadout was inspired by YouTuber Stonted and is best suited for aggressive players who want to get closer to Caldera. It should be noted that we slightly changed the loadout of Stonted.

Best Sten Gear for Warzone Pacific Season 1
Best Sten Gunsmith class setup at the start of Warzone Pacific Season 1. (Photo: Activision)
  • Muzzle: M1929 Silencer
  • Barrel: SA 65mm Rapid
  • Optical: slate reflector
  • Store: task for
  • Sub-barrel: SMLE pistol grip
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 32 Rnd Mags
  • Ammunition: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Dotted handle
  • Advantage : Sprint
  • Advantage 2: Momentum

le M1929 Silencer is a typical muzzle attachment for most SMGs, providing accuracy and concealment on the map. Then we went with the SA 65mm Rapid cannon to increase the rate of fire.

We went with the slate reflector optical, which is best suited for mid-range engagements; However, you can choose another close-up sight depending on your preference.

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Then we went with the SMLE pistol grip to reinforce sprint to fire speed and hip fire accuracy. the task for the stock attachment will further increase sprint to fire and movement speed, which is integral to a run and gun build.

We use the Elongate type of ammunition to increase the bullet speed of the Sten and the 7.62 Gorenko 32 Rnd Mags for extra ammo capacity.

Then we went with the Dotted handle to enhance the Sten's already excellent recoil control and accuracy.

Better Sten loading for Caldera. (Photo: Activision)

le Quickly done perk will allow you to move quickly and efficiently around the map by improving sprint time. You can associate it with Momentum advantage as you will get a stacking movement speed effect each time you kill an enemy.

The Best Sten Perks and Amenities

It would be best to equip the following perks and gear.

  • Advantage 1: Phantom
  • Advantage 2: Radar
  • Advantage 3: Lightweight
  • Main weapon: kar98k
  • Mortal: MK2 Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Stim

And that's all! Do you disagree with this Armorer Sten class setup for Warzone Pacific Season 1? Great, we don't care. But if you want to be let down by something else, be sure to check out our assault rifle tier list.

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Image courtesy of Activision.

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