Best Bren Gear for Warzone Pacific Season 1

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The first season of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has arrived, and many players are looking for the best weapons to take down enemies on the brand new tropical island of Caldera. This is especially the case since Activision's latest kernel-level anti-cheat Ricochet driver recently went live and is wreaking havoc on in-game cheaters and hackers.

More recently, the Bren Light Machine Gun (LMG) has become a popular meta-pivot, thanks to an incredibly powerful "recoilless" prop build for Caldera. The weapon already offers great damage and range, with a fast rate of fire to take out enemies. So here is the best Bren Armorer class setup for Warzone Pacific Season 1 to make the Bren even stronger!

Best Bren Gear for Warzone Pacific Season 1

The following long range Bren loadout was derived from ModernWarzone on YouTube and is intended to improve the weapon's TTK, recoil control, and accuracy. Additionally, this loadout could make the Bren capable of competing even with S-tier LMGs like the PKM and MG42.

Best Bren loadout for Warzone Pacific Caldera Season 1. (Photo: YouTube/ModernWarzone)
  • Muzzle: Mercury Muffler or Recoil Booster
  • Barrel: Queen’s 705mm Royal
  • Optical: SVT-40 PU range 3-6x
  • Store: Squat Son SP2B
  • Sub-barrel: m1941 Manual stop
  • Magazine: 6.5 Sakura 40 Rnd Mags
  • Ammunition: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Polymer handle
  • Advantage : Stranglehold
  • Advantage 2: fully charged

First, we opted for the Mercury silencer to provide sound suppression and recoil control. This is arguably the best muzzle attachment for recoil control; however, you could otherwise equip the Recoil Booster for a faster rate of fire without any recoil deficit, although at the expense of no concealment.

The Recoil Booster will significantly improve Bren's TTK. (Picture: YouTube/ModernWarzone)

Then we equipped the Queen’s 705mm Royal, which improves accuracy, bullet speed, reduced scope sway and barrel vibration, and negates scope damage decrease.

You can further improve the Bren's recoil control and accuracy with the m1941 Manual stop Fixing under the barrel.

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le 6.5 Sakura 40 Rnd Mags are smaller caliber cartridges and provide concealment while firing, in addition to improved recoil control and accuracy, ADS speed and rate of fire.

We also run with fully charged Perk accessory for maximum starting ammo. This will ensure quick and easy takedowns at the start of the match.

Equip the 6.5 Sakura 40 Rnd Mags for improved recoil and accuracy. (Picture: YouTube/ModernWarzone)

We have also equipped the Polymer handle et Squat Son SP2B for improved flex resistances and greater accuracy and recoil control during sustained fire. Moreover, the Stranglehold Perk will further improve recoil and accuracy when firing.

And then finally we went with the SVT-40 PU range 3-6x optics, which ModernWarzone considers the best scope in the game. It has a 3-6x variable toggle with no glare, though you should only use it to spot enemies at a distance. Otherwise, use the Mk. 12 Vision Nocturne ou M19 4.0x Flip optical.

The Best Sten Perks and Amenities

It would be best to equip the following perks and gear.

Best Bren loadout for Warzone Pacific Caldera Season 1. (Photo: YouTube/ModernWarzone)
  • Advantage 1: Quick fix
  • Advantage 2: Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Amped
  • Secondary weapon: Top Break Handgun
  • Mortal: Cocktail Molotov
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

And that's all! Do you disagree with this Bren Armorer class setup for Warzone Pacific Season 1? Great, we don't care. But if you want to be let down by something else, be sure to check out our assault rifle tier list.

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Image courtesy of Activision.

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