New Warzone Pacific Bug Turns Kar98k Semi-473matic

Warzone Pacific update 1.50 is now live and with it, one of the most important things since the release of the battle royale – the Ricochet anti-cheat system PC kernel-level driver which will hopefully , would put an end to the persistent problem of cheaters in Call of Duty battle royale.

The update also nerfed one of Vanguard's most popular assault rifles in Warzone Pacific, the Automaton, and fixed some annoying bugs and other minor issues.

But, as usually goes with patches and bug fixes, fixing some bugs often breaks something else, and this time some Warzone players noticed that the Kar98k was accidentally modified and now acting like a semi-out rifle.

Is Kar98k now semi-473matic in Warzone?

New Warzone Pacific Bug Turns Kar98k Semi-473matic
Along with the Swiss K31, the Kar98k is one of the best long-range rifles in the game. (Photo: Activision)

The Kar98k (Modern Warfare version) has been one of the most dominant sniper/sniper rifles in Warzone for nearly two years now.

The weapon is powerful while being relatively light, easy to handle and extremely accurate. The combination of high power, range, and mobility is what makes it so great in Warzone; it's a perfect weapon for roaming large maps like Verdansk and Caldera.

And today the Kar98k is even more broken, as players noticed the weapon's rate of fire was increased and it now behaves almost as if it has a semi-473matic mode.

The bug (or at least we hope it's a bug) was first spotted by KARNAGE clan member KRNG Depv who shared the video shortly after the patch went live, showing the "Improved" rifle rate of fire.

New Warzone Pacific Bug Turns Kar98k Semi-473matic

Depv KRNG @Depv_ they broke the Kar98 in Wazrone now 😭

New Warzone Pacific Bug Turns Kar98k Semi-473matic

07:57 Dec 15 2021



In the video, he can be seen using the Kar98k, which now fires bullet after bullet in rapid succession, much faster than you would expect from this bolt-action rifle, which forces the shooter to manually extract a fired cartridge from it using a bolt mechanism.

Extraction animation is now also missing (originally you can see a player's hand using a bolt-action mechanism to replace the cartridge), instead the Kar98k now just fires bullets quickly like a semi-473matic rifle.

Other players have also noticed this undocumented change and have started sharing their videos on the Warzone subreddit, but at the time of writing, Warzone developers Raven Software have yet to acknowledge the issue.

At this time, we don't know if this bug is universally present or if something has to happen to trigger it.

It also looks like the weapon hasn't lost any of its firepower, and with this drastic increase in fire rate, the Kar98k is currently more than broke, so hopefully the devs will respond quickly and fix the bug .

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Image courtesy of Activision.

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