The best DMR 14 loadout in Warzone Season 4

Not so long ago, Warzone pub games were dominated by the almighty DMR 14.

The Tactical Rifle was added to the game with Black Ops Cold War and was a huge issue early on in Warzone's BOCW meta.

The weapon was so devastating that it took several drastic nerfs to bring the weapon up to reasonable power levels.

(Photo : Activision)

Since the nerfs, the DMR 14 hasn't been as popular as it was in January, but the weapon remained a solid choice even after the nerfs, even though it required some really skilled play, so it fell into disuse.

The Season 4 balance changes also addressed DMR 14, making the weapon's recoil slightly less severe. This is a solid buff that will help players stay on target from a distance, and might actually be enough to redo the DMR 14 meta, which will most definitely trigger PTSD in players who still remember the dark times. from the first BOCW meta in Warzone.

If you want to get a head start and spread terror in Verdansk, check out this class setup for DMR 14 in Warzone Season 4.

The best DMR 14 loadout in Warzone Season 4

We think these attachments are the best choice for DMR 14 in Warzone Season 4.

(Photo : Activision)

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
    Agency Silencer does wonders for DMR. Aside from suppressing sound and will help you control the recoil (the recoil is still strong despite the buff), and it will greatly improve your potency with improved bullet speed and effective damage range.
  • Barrel: 17" Rapid Fire
    The DMR's rate of fire was nerfed heavily earlier this year and if you want to bring back those glory days, we'll need to improve it.
  • Sub-barrel: Field Agent's Front Handle
    Again, we need to improve this recoil control if we want the weapon to perform half as well as before.
  • Optical: 3x axial arms
    Just a solid optical choice and we like its mil dot reticle.
  • Ammunition: Salvo 30 Round Quick Loader
    Here we let you choose what you prefer. We choose the Fast Mags, but you can also use the 30 Round Mag or the standard 40 Rounds, the choice is yours.

And this is the best class setup for DMR 14 in Warzone Season 4. Don't expect it to wreak havoc like the old days as you should always keep in mind that it's not of the same OP gun from six months ago.

It's still a very respectable choice and this build will help you achieve surprisingly good results with it, but the glory days are long gone.

However, if you enjoy playing DMR 14 and are nostalgic for the early BOCW Warzone meta, you'll still feel the joy of stomping on a few unprepared players at the start of the Season 4 meta.

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