Best weapons in Warzone Season 6: The most powerful and the most broken weapons

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The day has finally come. Warzone Season 6, the final season of the Cold War era, has arrived, for the final rodeo in Verdansk before heading to the Pacific.

For nearly two years, Verdansk has been the center of Warzone, with tens of millions of players trying to outdo and outdo each other in a constant battle for survival.

With less than a month until Verdansk is gone forever, it's time to establish your dominance once again and show who the real boss of Verdansk is.

You don't want to spend your final weeks in Verdansk constantly losing, do you? Of course not, and to avoid that you'll need to use the best guns Warzone has to offer in Season 6.

And a lot has changed in Season 6, especially in Verdansk itself. The map is torn with cracks, WWII bunkers have appeared all over the map, many old PIOs have been demolished… This requires a different approach and new strategies, and based on our early testing, we've put together a list of the best guns in Warzone Season 473 for each class.

The best weapon in each class for Warzone Season 6

Best Assault Rifle: Grav

The Grav is currently one of the best long range assault rifles. (Photo: Activision)

It might be a controversial choice, but the newer Assault Rifle is probably what you'll want to use in Warzone Season 6.

With so many buildings destroyed and razed to the ground, there's a lot more open space than usual, which favors weapons that can deal massive damage from a distance.

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The Grav has a base range of over 50 yards and is by far the fastest ball speed in the category, and that's only in its base version. But what we particularly like about it is the RK-7 30-Rnd conversion, which will equip the weapon with 7,62 ammo, which will significantly increase your damage output.

This makes the Grav a real beast in long-range encounters and a perfect assault rifle for Warzone Season 6.

Best SMG: The MAC-10

The Mac-10 is reliable in both close combat and medium combat. (Photo: Activision)

Along with plenty of new open areas, Season 6 brings plenty of WWII bunkers, and here you want a weapon that's fast, easy to control, and flexible. You want the MAC-10.

The MAC-10 has superb hip-firing accuracy, making it the perfect weapon in tight spaces where you don't have the time or space for more complicated maneuvers.

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Its fairly low recoil goes perfectly with its very high rate of fire, which will allow you to kill several targets in intense situations, provided your reflexes are up to it.

Best light machine gun: Stoner 63

The Stoner 63 is back on the list, finally dethroning the PKM after several seasons. (Photo: Activision)

After several seasons of PKM dominance, the good old Stoner 63 is back on our lists of the best weapons in Warzone Season 6.

The PKM received some nerfs in this season's patch, and it's now much harder to control properly, which we don't like.

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On the other hand, there are several things we like about the Stoner 63. It comes with a solid rate of fire, great ammo capacity, and quite reasonable recoil for a light machine gun. What more could you want?

Best sniper/sniper rifle: Kar98k

The Kar98k remains our favorite modern warfare weapon in Warzone. (Photo: Activision)

Even during the final days of Verdansk, the Kar98k is still our sniper rifle of choice.

With the new map conditions, the Kar98k will serve you even better than before, as its mobility is something no other long-range weapon can match. It also has an absurd ADS time and fire rate, which will allow you to be constantly on the move, laying down your targets as you spot them, and then moving quickly. Rinse and repeat.

Best shotgun: .410 Ironskin

The new shotgun is no joke. (Photo: Activision)

In the shotgun category, we have another bold change. The new shotgun is a very delicate weapon to use optimally. It has an insane firing range, the longest of any shotgun in the game, but this is offset by its very slow rate of fire and reload speed.

In our early tests, we found it to be a deadly and effective weapon, but you need to choose your fights carefully and know when is the right time to engage. If you want to go for a safer option, you can choose the best shotgun from our previous seasons, the Gallo SA12.

Best Tactical Rifle: DMR 14

The DMR 14 is finally balanced! It only took them a year! (Photo: Activision)

The DMR 14 has proven to be a basic (and balanced!)

It's not as incredibly powerful as it was at the start of the Cold War meta, but the DMR 14 has seen some minor improvements over the past few seasons as the devs took the weapon down with nerfs earlier this year. and are now gradually trying to make it viable again. And they are doing a great job with these changes.

Best Pistol: .50 GS Desert Eagle

Yes, it's Deagle again. (Photo: Activision)

No change in the pistol category, I remain faithful to my good old Deagle. Its unprecedented one-shot kill potential and the satisfaction it provides when you land a headshot are good reasons for me to continue choosing this classic gun.

And with that, we finish our list of the best weapons for Warzone Season 6.

As always, keep in mind that the meta is constantly changing and is especially volatile in these early days of a new season, as players are always adapting to changes and experimenting with new loadouts. This list is by no means set in stone, and it's based on our extensive testing, new changes, and experience from previous seasons.

That's now truer than ever, as Verdanks sees a lot of drastic changes that will affect the meta, and then you need to take the fact that it's the final season into consideration as well, as people might start using wild strategies and unpredictable and loadings.

Either way, have fun in the final season of the Cold War era!

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