Best Swiss K31 Gear for Warzone Pacific Season 1

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Warzone Pacific Season 1 is now available worldwide, with the new Caldera map finally available for everyone.

The new map offers a wide variety of diverse locations that support various playstyles and strategies, but thanks to its more pronounced verticality, sniper rifles now have a better chance to shine than ever.

If shooting people from afar and setting up unconscious players is your favorite battle royale activity, then there will be a ton of opportunities to show off your sniper skills on Caldera.

And while we still prefer our trusty Kar98k for fast range, when it comes to a more traditional sniper build, our weapon of choice is the Swiss K31.

The Swiss K31 has been one of Warzone's most popular sniper rifles for several seasons now, thanks to its fast ADS speed and reliable accuracy. With the right set of attachments, this weapon will continue to dominate Warzone Pacific lobbies for months to come, unless some nerfs occur in the meantime.

Best Swiss K31 Loadout for Caldera

The Swiss K31 is a superb meta-sniper choice for Caldera. (Photo: Activision)
  • Muzzle: GRU suppressor
  • Barrel: 24,9″ combat reconnaissance
  • Laser: SWAT 5mw laser sight
  • Store: Stock de combat SAS
  • Rear handle: snake wrap

As usual, when it comes to Cold War snipers, the GRU suppressor the muzzle has been an obvious choice for over a year now, as this muzzle flash concealment is really useful in addition to recoil and sway control, making us less visible and more accurate.

The Combat Recognition the barrel will increase the velocity of the weapon's bullets, making it more deadly from many strategic vantage points you'll want to take on Caldera, such as the spike or the gondola in the mines.

The SWAT 5mw laser sight will significantly speed up your ADS time, for situations where you are caught off guard and need to react quickly.

The Stock de combat SAS will increase our marching movement speed and our ADS shooting movement speed, which I can't stress enough how important this is for a map as large as Caldera. You will be constantly on the move.

Finally, the snake wrap grip will further increase our ADS time.

Best perks and amenities for Swiss K31

in the Pacific war zone

The Swiss K31 remains one of the best snipers in Warzone Pacific. (Photo: Activision)
  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Overpowered
  • Advantage 3: Amped
  • Secondary: Automate
  • Mortal: Semtex
  • Tactical: heart rate sensor

Due to the bulky nature of the Swiss K31, you often won't be able to avoid explosive damage, and NEM mitigate some of this damage.

A faster weapon swap bonus of Amped is always a welcome addition when playing sniper builds, while the Overpowered The perk will allow us to equip something like the Automata for better mid-range engagements.

The Semtex et heart rate sensor are excellent tools for any sniper loadout, as they will help us locate and exterminate all potential threats and ambushes nearby.

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Image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.

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