Best Akimbo Top Break Loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 1

Of all the weapons that could have broken Warzone Pacific's first Caldera meta, probably few expected the Top Break pistol to be the one that would.

This dual-wielding secondary weapon is triggering PTSD reactions from players remembering the oppressive Akimbo Snakeshot Magnum meta from January 2021, and rightly so.

With the best Akimbo Top Break loadout below, early adopters ruthlessly take down enemies on Caldera, thanks to the weapon's overpowered stats like insanely high damage and incredible speed for a double loadout. handling.

If you want to have some fun and annoy other players before the inevitable nerf hammer, be sure to try this Akimbo Top Break loadout ASAP.

Best Akimbo Top Break Loadout for Caldera

The Akimbo Top Break loadout terrorizes Caldera players. (Photo: Activision)

If you want to know why the Akimbo Top Break is one of the best meta loadouts on Caldera in Warzone Pacific Season 1, use these attachments:

  • Muzzle: M1929 Silencer
    Improve weapon accuracy while providing sound suppression to keep your shots hidden from the minimap.
  • Barrel: Stub Wilkie W-4
    The Wilkie W-4 Stub is essential for this build as it greatly improves damage range, bullet penetration, and speed. It will cost you some hip fire accuracy, but it will be barely noticeable.
  • Optical: SVT-40 PU range 3-6x
    This will make the weapons a little more accurate while providing decent magnification.
  • Trigger action: hair trigger
    Increased rate of fire and accuracy of hip fire as well as shot sprint speed, allowing us to have slightly faster reaction times when on the move (which will often be on Caldera)
  • Magazine: .30 Russian Short
    These high caliber cartridges will make your shots extremely deadly with increased bullet speed, range, penetration and damage.
    You'll lose some control and precision, as well as ADS speed, but we think it's a worthwhile trade.
  • Ammunition: M15 Shot Shell
    This type of ammo increases your damage radius, which means it improves your chance of hitting the target in situations where you would otherwise miss slightly.
  • Rear handle: Pine tar grip
    This will add some extra recoil control to your Akimbo build, while also improving hip fire accuracy, to balance out what we lose with the barrel.
  • Advantage : Akimbo
    This is, of course, the essence of this build, as we will be using these dual firearms.
  • Advantage 2: Fast
    This increases our sprint speed, as you will often run 473 around your targets pouring bullets into them while dodging their shots.

And that's it, it's the best Akimbo Top Break loadout that's already dubbed "broken" and currently dominating the early days of Warzone Pacific Season 1 on Caldera.

Best Akimbo Top Break Loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 1
Be sure to test this build before it gets nerfed. (Photo: Activision)

Check the upload for yourself and see if Akimbo Top Break really is as broken as it says or if people are just overreacting.

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Image courtesy of Activision, edited by Charlie Intel

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