Where to find Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact

Sakura Bloom is one of many local Inazuma specialties that players encounter while exploring Genshin Impact's third region, Inazuma. It is a character ascension material required to ascend Ayaka. And it also serves as a food ingredient used to make some of the Inazuma dishes like Tri-Color Dango, Sakura Mochi, etc.

To obtain Sakura Bloom, players must find pink and purple clusters of sakura petals. Once they find one, they must use an electro attack on the cluster to harvest the sakura blossom. Sakura Bloom is abundant on Inazuma's Narukami Island.

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Whether you plan on hoarding Inazuma Foods to take on bosses, estates, or if you want to level up Kamisato Ayaka, you need a bunch of Sakura Bloom.

Sakura Bloom Location Guide

Here is a map of Narukami Island with all known Sakura Bloom locations marked.

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You can check the Genshin Impact interactive map to locate the exact location of Sakura Bloom. Other than that, we have our own favorite farming route for Sakura Bloom.

Depart from Inazuma Town

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Near the entrance to Inazuma City, Beyond the Boundaries, players can find three Sakura Blooms in one location.

Chinju Forest

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Teleport to Chinju Forest, turn around and walk forward a bit - you'll find a Sakura Bloom. Now return to the teleport waypoint and take the path to Kamisato's domain. You will come across 3 to 4 Sakura Bloom. If you explore the surroundings, you will find more.

Kamisato Domain

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From the Kamisato Estate, climb the mountain to reach the Grand Narukami Shrine. Near a torii gate you will find two Sakura Blooms and a few more when you reach the shrine stairs.

Grand Narukami Shrine

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Follow the stairs up to the top of the mountain until you reach the Grand Narukami Shrine. You will encounter three to four Sakura Blooms, and at the shrine you will find around six to seven Sakura Blooms.

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