Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayaka guide: weapons, artifacts, talents, tips and more

Genshin Impact's 1.7 update "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia" is about to arrive, bringing with it tons of new features to the game such as the beginnings of the Inazuma region, as well as a lot of content like weapons and banners, and most importantly, new characters.

The first of them introduced during the special version 2.0 showcase will be one of the main characters of the Inazuma region, known to the people of this nation as the princess thanks to her high morals, modesty and courtesy, in addition to his good sense of propriety and good heart.

It's finally time to introduce you to the Master of Inazuma Kamisato Art Tachi Jutsu, the Frostflake Heron, Kamisato Ayaka.

Kamisato Ayaka – History and Origins

Ayaka's story is one of nobility, as she is the daughter of the Kamisato clan of the Yashiro Commission, one of the most respected and prestigious clans in Inazuma City. She is one of two heiresses of her clan, along with her older brother, Ayato.

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As the Yashiro Commission is in charge of the ceremonial and cultural affairs of the Inazuma Tri-Commission, she and her brother assumed all responsibilities within the clan while Ayaka takes care of its internal and external affairs, while 'Ayato is the head of the clan, being in charge of government affairs.

Besides his noble role, Ayaka often appears on social occasions which earned him a better reputation than his brother, making people adore him for his affection for the arts, as well as his peaceful spirit and way of life. be considerate.

All of this earned him the title of Shirasagi Himegimi, a noble and elegant title with great meaning to all the people of Inazuma, who generally interact and enjoy Ayaka's company at all times.

Kamisato Ayaka – Talents

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Her normal attack, Kamisato Art: Kabuki, allows Ayaka to land up to five consecutive strikes, while with her charged attack, she can consume stamina to unleash a flurry of sword ki.

With her elemental skill, Kamisato Art: Hyouka, Ayaka can summon a 473ur blossom ice blast from her that knocks all nearby enemies into the air while inflicting Cryo DMG on them.

Ayaka's Elemental Skill, Kamisato Art: Hyouka (Photo: miHoYo)

Ayaka will be the second character in the game to feature Alternate Sprint, a talent that replaces a character's normal sprint. In this case, she can use the Art Kamisato: Senho to consume Stamina and cover herself in an icy mist that moves with her.

After respawning, Ayaka can either release freezing energy to apply Cryo DMG to nearby enemies, or infuse her blade with Cryo for a brief period.

Ayaka's Elemental Burst, Kamisato Art: Soumetsu (Photo: miHoYo)

Finally with her Elemental Burst, Kamisato Art: Soumetsu, Ayaka will summon a blizzard with flawless balance known as Frostflake Senki no To.

The Frostflake Senki no To will move forward and repeatedly slash each enemy it hits, inflicting Cryo DMG. At the end of its duration, the blizzard will explode, causing 473 additional damage to its area of ​​effect.

Kamisato Ayaka – Best Weapons

Reforged Mistbreaker

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Starting with the best 5-star weapon for her, Ayaka's arrival will bring her signature sword known as Mistsplitter Reforged to the game, a powerful katana infused with electro energy that greatly enhances her elemental power.

This new weapon is part of the Inazuma series, emitting a fierce purple light offering great versatility and a fantastic option for creating devastating elemental reactions.

While wielding the Reforged Mistsplitter, Ayaka will gain 12/15/18/21/24% elemental DMG bonus for each element and receive Mistsplitter Seal Power. At stack levels 1/2/3, the Seal of Mistsplitter will provide bonus elemental DMG for the character's elemental type. Stacks can be obtained through normal attacks that deal elemental DMG, throwing an elemental burst, or have less than 100% energy.

Celestial Blade

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If you're looking to use it primarily as a support, this celestial weapon is one of the best for any character that relies heavily on their elemental abilities, being based on the power of Stormterror.

The Skyward Blade increases CRIT Rate by 4/5/6/7/8%, but its biggest benefit comes from using your Elemental Burst, as doing so will grant you 10% movement SPD and ATK SPD, in addition to increasing normal and charged attack damage based on 20% of your current ATK.

Primal Jade Cutter

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Among the most recommended weapons, the next one that stands out is the Primordial Jade Cutter, a 5-star sword that, while not fully refined, grants more power with each hit based on your HP stats, which absolutely benefits the player. Ayaka's DPS level. .

Its passive, Virtue of the Protector, increases its wearer's HP by 20/25/30/35/40%. Additionally, provides bonus ATK based on 1,2/1,5/1,8/2,1/2,4% of wearer's max HP.

Additionally, the Primordial Jade Cutter is the only five-star weapon that starts and scales with 44 Base ATK. However, it scales lower between levels than basic ATK four-star weapons.

The black sword

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Another good option, this malevolent and bloodthirsty weapon allows you to down any enemy 473ur you without using your elemental abilities, thanks to its excellent offensive and regeneration bonuses.

For starters, this sword increases the power of your normal and charged attacks by 20%, while you can also recover 60% of your current ATK HP, on critical hit. This effect can only be activated every 5 seconds.

Kamisato Ayaka - Best Artifacts & Stats

Blizzard Errant

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As a primary choice for its Artifacts, we'll recommend the Blizzard Strayer set, a series of Artifacts introduced with the addition of Dragonspine Mountain, as it will greatly increase the power of your elemental skills by giving you a 15% bonus to cryo DMG.

If you manage to get four pieces from this set, when Ayaka attacks an opponent affected by Cryo, his CRIT rate will be increased by 20%. If the opponent is frozen, the CRIT rate will be increased by an additional 20%.

If you don't have all the pieces, you can combine it with the Gladiator's Finale set, which also increases your ATK by 18%.

The reminiscence of Shimenawa

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As a second option, you can pack one of the last introductions of Update 2.0, the Shimenawa Reminiscence set, as it will increase your ATK by 18% when you have 2 pieces of it.

With four pieces, each time you cast an elemental skill, if the wearer has 15 or more energy, they will lose 15 energy and normal, charged, and dive attack DMGs will be increased by 50% for ten seconds.

Artifact Stats

As for the stats, they will be focused on exploiting his offensive abilities, while giving him more HP for his synergy with recommended weapons, and increasing his survivability windows:

Main statistics:

  • ATQ
  • CRIT
  • HP
  • Bonus Cryo DMG


  • CRIT rate
  • Elemental Mastery
  • ATQ
  • Energy Refill
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Recommended team for Kamisato Ayaka

Kamisato Ayaka has a wide variety of options, as she can be used as both a DPS dealer and a support character, making her a versatile swordsman character with different fighting styles and approaches.

In order to take advantage of his skills and the elemental reactions you can create, we recommend teaming him up with the teammates listed below:

  • Diona (Cryo), Kaeya (Cryo) or Rosaria (Cryo): These can be of great support in helping you increase Ayaka's CRIT and Energy using Rosaria and Kaeya, and in Diona's case, receive healing, shields and an elemental mastery bonus .
  • Xingqiu (Hydro) or Barbara (Hydro): Having a Hydro character is more than important, as Ayaka's Cryo affinity combined with their skills can create a permafrost state in which enemies will fall at your feet.
  • To complete your party, we suggest using any Anemo character (with a greater preference for 5 stars like Twenty or Kazuha), as their abilities can create cryogenic buffs, crowd control, and tons of elemental reactions.

And that's all we have to share with you about Ayaka. Remember that she will only be available from July 21 to August 10 in her own banner "The Heron's Court", so try to save as many Primogems as possible.

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