Where is the Treasury located in Clash Of Clans

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When you enter the Clan Wars you have the treasury. That space where the bonus loot from battles and the star bonus is kept. Do you know where the Treasury is located? Clash Of Clans?

The treasury at first glance has the shape of a wooden chest reinforced with iron edges and many screws, but it really resembles a 芦piggy bank禄 with a steel pig with a chain collar, although it is enormously protected, it will be easy to identify because it isShe is surrounded by coins and bottles of elixir.

In it you can store gold, elixir and dark elixir and every time you level up your municipality, it increases its capacity to store resources. Its great advantage is that absolutely no one can steal it.

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Where is the Treasury in Clash Of Clans

Where is the Treasury in Clash Of Clans

Where is the Treasury located? in the Clan Castle. That's right, this 3脳3 building that when rebuilding allows you to join a clan, is responsible for keeping the treasury and the troops you use to protect and attack. Ideally, then, you should put this castle outside your village so that the troops have a better range when it is necessary to protect the village. 

To access this You must be at least at a municipality level three and you will see it at first as some ruins. Only when you reach the minimum municipality level and have the gold to rebuild it will you be able to enjoy its benefits. Its destroyed appearance of wood and rock will evolve into reinforcements of metal, gold, and more resistant materials.

It is convenient for you to spend the gold to prosper the castle since with this also will improve your storage capacity up to its highest level, which is one. 

If you're facing a beginning player, you can use the castle as a distraction while your offensive buildings rip apart the opposing units. What is in the treasury will be protected against theft.

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