How much is the Clash Royale Pass worth?

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Many users know how difficult it can be to increase our performance in Clash Royale by playing without paying. Without counting the effort that must be dedicated to it, plus the time that must be waited so that the rewards are ours. However, the fact of having to pay to play is something that for many can be complex.

In this new article we will be commenting on How much is the Clash Royale pass worth?, apart from the benefits it can offer you. On this website we like to manage this type of information so that you become a Clash Royale specialist and you can be one of the best in this game. If you want to know more, keep reading this new article that we have prepared for you!

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How much is the Clash Royale Pass worth?

How much is the clash royale pass worth

The Pass Royale, as you well know, is the premium part of the game, which gives us certain extra benefits by acquiring it at a limited cost of 5 dollars  approximately, which can change according to the area in which you are, or also according to the type of exchange that is handled in your country.

It is essential to mention that this exchange model is handled with much less order in Latin America, where countries such as Argentina add many impositions or taxes to products or services that are purchased in US dollars. To give an example in the country mentioned in the preceding paragraph, a pass from Clash Royale it is going out in more or less eight American American dollars.

Pass Royale and its benefits

In this season in Clash Royale you will get many benefits both by acquiring the Royale Pass like you don't. Some of the most interesting are the ones that we will briefly present to you below:

  1. You will get your name in gold color.
  2. Appearances for your towers.
  3. Unlimited passes for unique events and challenges.
  4. Magic items.
  5. 40.000 coins.
  6. Exchange tokens.
  7. Gold in the safe.
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