What are Chickens for in PubG Mobile?

What are Chickens for in PubG Mobile?

"The chickens" in a term that has been used in recent updates, serves to narrow down the achievement called "chicken for dinner". This refers to the fact that you have won a game against pure bots, that is, users that are controlled by the machines of the company that develops the game, Tencent Games, which do not have a huge level in the game and it is very easy to kill them. You may have felt like you've thrown the best game of your life, and suddenly the achievement of chickens for dinner comes to you, creating a comedy between each and every one of the content authors.

The game will always have games scheduled for beginners or low-rank players who can play against little bots so that they can practice, feel confident in the quality of the PUBG Mobile, and be able to progress your level significantly, apart from testing the entire arsenal of weapons that the different maps of the Battle Royale game mode have.  

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What are Chickens for in PubG Mobile?

What is the use of Chickens in PubG Mobile

It is possible that each and every one of the PubG Mobile players have gone through this in their beginnings of the game, when we are beginners many things can happen, so you must worry about playing well and understanding each and every one of the basic aspects. of the game. PubG Mobile is a very realistic game with great graphic quality, one of the most successful shooters on mobile devices. 

In addition, you should keep in mind that the PubG Mobile player community states that when you get a chicken on any map it is a symbol that you can win a game, it will give you a lot of luck since for the most part they appear in hidden places in the game. map, it is very rare to see chickens roaming in common areas of the Erangel map. 

Join the PubG Mobile and participate in the achievement of the chickens, so you can tell your friends about it. 

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