Blackout: COD BO4's Detailed Battle Royale Map

Our articles on Blackout Blackout: The detailed map of the Battle Royale of COD BO4 Our map details the map of Blackout, the Battle Royale of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, in order to discover the best areas to loot as well as the location of the helicopters and zombie spawns.

Now available live, Blackout is the Battle Royale mode of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Smaller than most other BR maps with around 4km par 4km (compared to 8x8km for the large maps of PUBG and 5x5 for Fortnite), the map has many areas referring to older versions of CoD.

In order to find the many vehicles and the best weapons and loot in the game, we have prepared a guide for you with the different points of interest in Blackout. For more information on the best spawn areas, do not hesitate to consult our guide on loots. 

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→ Green : The points marked in green are the emblematic locations of previous Call of Duty. There are generally the best weapons and equipment (apart from crates) including level 3 armor.

→ Yellow : You will find the areas where the helicopters are located, a vehicle allowing you to move very quickly in a squad around the map and in particular to avoid the storm.

→ Red : These areas are special since they are points where zombies spawn but where you can find loot on their corpse and in particular a ray gun.

→ Orange : Groups of buildings (houses, shops) often very well equipped with Med-kits and ammunition. Very interesting areas for a duo or solo start.

→ Blue : Groups of buildings a little smaller than the previous one but offering enough loot for a solo player or even for a duo trying to avoid the conflict as soon as they land.

→ Rose : Usually a small loot area (single house, garage) where you will find mostly small items. Avoid dropping directly in this place.

For the moment, it is difficult to list precisely where to loot certain objects since the spawns are still quite random. However, the vast majority of weapons and armor will be found in buildings, located in the areas marked in green, blue or orange on our map (see our guide on the best spawns).

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