How to Get the Eagle in PubG Mobile

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In the game PubG Mobile, magnificent new features are always being added, in the latest updates new messages have been added for fast chat and obtaining pets, something very similar to what we see in competitive games such as Free Fire. In the game, we can have an animal that will be our pet and will have a huge role for us, despite the fact that there are many free ones. The independent company Tencent Games has been in charge of adding more animals for each update that is going to be made in PubG Mobile.

In this case we are going to talk about the eagle, a very interesting pet in the game and highly sought after by each of the players in the community of this renowned shooter. 

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How to Get the Eagle in PubG Mobile

How to Get the Eagle in PubG Mobile

There is no detailed way to get the eagle or other pet in the game. Being a fairly innovative feature in the PubG Mobile, you must be very lucky to achieve them in some kind of reward, therefore you must be very attentive and play regularly so as not to lose any kind of daily gift. The eagle or the hawk that are certain free pets, we can find them through a blue box and with an eagle symbol in the middle of the box. 

The pets for the moment are only aesthetic details to improve your quality of play, our opponents will not be able to see them while we are in the game, you will be the only one who will be able to observe your eagle, for the moment this will go away updating and improving to be able to optimize pets and give them an essential role in the game. 

The eagle will gain experience as it accompanies us in any game mode, but it has a level limit of five, the community of PubG Mobile players narrate that the pets were added a level so that in the next updates they can add some ability that may be useful on the battlefield.

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