Where are the Helicopters in PubG Mobile?

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The perfect Payload mode arrives at PUBG Mobile, where you will be able to access powerful weapons while fighting air battles and driving armored cars. If you find it interesting, stay to read where the helicopters are in PUBG Mobile.

One thing that enthusiasts have always complained about PUBG Mobile is the lack of air cars. It makes sense that there aren't, since despite the size of the maps, they aren't big enough to allow free use of helicopters or airplanes. For now, we are left with the hang glider that they have introduced in the game. 

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Where are the Helicopters in PubG Mobile

Where are the Helicopters in PubG Mobile

In the new Payload mode they have introduced helicopters and armored cars. All of these bring with them heavy weapons that allow players to increase their firepower. There are still cars with flamethrowers, dangerous at close range and ideal for those occasions when the opponents walk before you. 

The locations of the helicopters are quite varied, and in contrast to other peculiarities introduced in the game, you will be able to find them always and in all circumstances in the exact same place, without any kind of probability. Unless someone has already grabbed it, of course.

  • The first location is Primorsk. The small town is located in one of the corners of the map, where you can get a helicopter with certain weapons in front of it. Remember that the location is not random, but the helicopter genre is. It will depend on your luck which type you get. 
  • You will also be able to locate one in the middle of the Prison. The truth is, it is quite simple and it is not necessary to explain more, due to the size of the map. In the health center you will also be able to get one, right outside of it.
  • On top of the roof of School there is also one. We invite you to drop right here in the event that you seek it, so that you are the first to access it, and not other players. 

The rest are found in Shooting Range, Severny, Stalber, and usually any town in the game that has at least three houses to loot. 

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