How to Restore Purchases in Toca Life World

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Restoring an purchase means the return of the money next to the item that we acquired in it, as long as they are not automatic purchases made by the app, that is, a subscription, a plan or a game period. Here we are going to show you how to restore “Toca Life World” purchases. In Android, the way in which they give us our money back is very simple, things that are not consumable in the game can be restored, that's right, if we already spent what we bought, there is no way to get a refund.

We enter the Google Play Store and click on our icon, slide to the bottom (help and comments) we touch on it and it will take us to a resources section, the main option we see is (request a refund on Google Play) this It is what we try and press on it, here inside we will continue a series of brief steps that point us to be restore our purchases in “Toca life world". 

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How to Restore Purchases in Toca Life World

How to Restore Purchases in Toca Life World

How can we do this procedure in iOS? We open “Toca life world” in the find the store (green icon) and we move to the bottom until we find (restore purchases), we choose this alternative and continue the steps that tell us. If a failure occurs or it does not allow us to make the return, we must make sure that we have the Apple login with the account that we made the purchases, if the problem persists we must restart the device and, failing that, we contact the Apple service to solve it.

On PC, can we restore purchases in “Toca Life World”? Adequate if we can make returns of what we have bought, the procedure is identical to that of Android, as we know, we use an emulator to be able to play “Toca Life World” on our PC and the only thing different is the design of the play store.

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