How to know my ID in Coin Master

How to know my id in Coin Master? This is an essential question that many users of this successful game ask themselves. Since knowing your id in Coin Master is precise, since through your id it is considerably easier to be contacted by your friends.

It is essential that you take your Coin Master ID very seriously, you don't know if you will become a successful gamer. And it is through your id that your followers will be able to find you easily. By the way! Coin Master lets you change your id, according to the conditions of the platform or social network from which you created your account.

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How to know my ID in Coin Master

How to know my ID in Coin Master

If you want to check your id in Coin Master? Just enter the game, and above your village, you will see your id accompanied by your profile picture. This is how you will be identified by your friends and followers.

Your id in Coin Master depends on the social network or platform how you created your account.

From Facebook

If you opened your Coin Master account with your Facebook account, your id and profile picture will be the ones you have on this social network. To change your id, you must necessarily do it on your Facebook. However, Facebook tends to limit you somewhat, since it does not allow you to make so many changes per year.

From iTunes, Amazon or Google Play

It is not usual, but certain players use these platforms to open an account in Coin Master. To create an account in Coin Master from any of these, you will have to enter an id and a profile image or photograph. Unlike when you create your account from Facebook, your id and photo will not be able to change it.

Guest Coin Master

When entering Coin Master as a guest, it is not necessary to create a profile, so this data cannot be changed. One disadvantage of this mode is that you cannot save your progress in the game. For this reason, if you are going to play Coin Master, it is best to create an account, where you can play and save your progress.

Where is my Coin Master ID located? Regardless of how you created your account, you will always see your id at the top of your village.

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