How to Record in Toca Life World

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To record in “Toca life world” we need an application to be able to record the screen of our mobile in a case like this, I recommend AZ screen recorder, we found this application absolutely free of charge in the Google Play Store. It does not require root access, without time limits to record, does not contain watermarks, completely without advertising and very simple to use, having the application downloaded on our mobile.

We enter it by clicking on its icon in the form of an orange camera, in it we grant permissions, and it will show us a series of incredible options to record our screen, among these are the resolution in which we want to record, the speed of the frames (fps), the sound recorder inside and outside the mobile, among others, you just have to press the record button and our recording will start. 

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How to Record in Toca Life World

How to Record in Toca Life World

In different cases if where we want to record “toca life world” is on our computer it is extremely easy, easeUs recExperte is a recording program where it lets us record in full HD and comes out with many due to the time of saving the videos that are believe. It lets you choose the area to record, next to a specific audio source, where can I install it? Simply from its main page, with this program already installed we just have to click on its icon and open it and start recording.

With these two mobile and computer applications, we just have to start our recording and enter "Toca Life World" and start recording what we like most about this game. There are many applications to record the screen of your mobile or your computer, but these already mentioned are highly recognized and equally recommended, if you have any other application to record screen, you just have to adjust it to your liking and start the recording and enter “Toca life world" to record.

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