Genshin Impact Aloy's Exploration Log: Take part in Aloy's journey around Teyvat and get free Primogems

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Genshin Impact update 2.2 is now live and includes a new batch of events, 5-star replay banners, and also introduces a brand new Inazuman Island to the game for players to explore and enjoy.

These are not the only features introduced as part of this new update. According to an announcement from the developers, miHoYo, a few months ago, the ā€œSaviour of Another Worldā€ Aloy is now available for free via in-game messaging, following its first release exclusively for PlayStation users.

To celebrate this distinction, which is part of the collaboration between Sony and miHoYo, the developers of Genshin Impact have announced a new special web event, where players will be able to witness Aloy's journey and her arrival in Teyvat from the dystopian world of 'Horizon Zero Dawn. .

Aloy's Exploration Log: How to Enter

To participate in Aloy's Exploration Journal web event, you must have a miHoYo account, as well as a created character with Adventure Rank 20 or higher on one of the main game servers.

Log in to Aloy's Exploration Journal web event with your miHoYo account. (Photo: miHoYo)

Once everything is ready, you need to enter this website, log into your miHoYo account and select your current server and main character. If you are playing on PS4 or PS5 game consoles, you will need to enter the Mail section of the game menu.

After that, you'll need to click on the "Start Exploring" prompt under the event title, which will take you to a special interface containing Aloy's journal.

At first, you will only have access to the one in Mondstadt, while those corresponding to Dragonspine Mountain and Liyue will be unlocked tomorrow and two days later, respectively.

Interact with Aloy's journal and learn about her 473ur Teyvat adventures. (Photo: miHoYo)

Starting with Mondstadt, you will need to click on the Explore button in the middle of the map. This will start a series of selections where you control Aloy's movement, allowing her to explore more areas of that region.

As you make your choices, Aloy will begin to discover some of the specialties of the region. This includes many of his points of interest or even random trivia, which also increases his exploration progress bar.

Ultimately, Aloy will face some of the dangers found 473ur Teyvat, with her first opponent being a powerful Ruin Guard. You will have to help him by answering some questions about these enemies, giving him some tips to defeat them without problems.

Help Aloy defeat some of Genshin's greatest dangers and get great rewards. (Photo: miHoYo)

Once you've finished exploring each of the regions, you'll be able to redeem rewards including Primogems and Shivada Jade Fragments, which you can use to level up Aloy in the game.

Finally, by sharing the web event page, you will also earn 20 Mora which will be sent to your account shortly after.

Aloy's Exploration Journal web event will be available from October 13-27.

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Image courtesy of miHoYo.

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