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The Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Update is now live on all platforms. With a slew of new Operators, a shiny new battle pass, revamped POIs, and five new working weapons, there's a ton of exciting content to explore in the latest release. As always, gun tweaks have resulted in several changes to the weapon loadout meta.

After the release of the Season 6 patch, the XM4 Assault Rifle is still going strong as it was untouched in the last update. As the update featured a number of nerfs and weapon upgrades, players might wonder what might be the best class setup for their beloved XM4 Assault Rifle. With that in mind, here is the best loadout for the XM4 after the Season 6 update.

Best XM4 Loadout For Season 6

The best XM4 loadout after the Season 6 patch. (Picture: Game No Comment)

To get the most out of the XM4 Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 6, you'll need to pick the five perfect attachments to get the job done.

The best XM4 loadout at the start of Warzone Season 6 is:

  • Muzzle: Suppressor Agency

  • Baril: Workgroup 13,5″

  • Optical: Axial arms 3x

  • Sub-barrel: Field Agent Handle

  • Munition: STANAG 60 Rnd

To start, we put the Agency remover to increase bullet speed as much as possible, while decreasing shot noise at the same time. However, ADS speed and aiming stability are somewhat compromised when this attachment is equipped.

Since we are building this long range weapon, we decided to go with a 13,5 » Task Force for the barrel slot. This accessory will allow us to increase the overall damage, range and speed of the gun's bullets at the expense of vertical and horizontal recoil.

The Field Agent's Handful Fixing under the barrel will give us better control of the horizontal and vertical recoil of the weapon and will also compensate for the overall increase in recoil due to the previous fixing.

Be sure to pick up all the best accessories for the XM4. (Photo: Activision)

Finally, we decided to use STANAG 60 Rd instead of 45 rounds because XM4 comes with a relatively massive rate of fire. The 60 bullets in a single XM4 magazine will allow you to identify multiple opponents without any reloading.

Check out the Evolve Jake video featuring the XM4 loadout in action, dominating opponents with the deadly loadout.

So there you have it, the best XM4 loadout for Warzone Season 6, with all the right accessories.

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Image courtesy of Raven Software.

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