Where to Sell Clash of Clans Accounts

We all have within us that side of the contender that encourages us to be the best of the best and beat the rest of the players. This happens a lot in games like Clash of Clans where the battles, strategies, leagues, victories, coalitions and opponents all translate into competition to have the highest level and compete against the most.

To reach that high level and rise to a good competitive rank requires a good amount of time and patience, but if you are not one of the players who likes to wait, you can learn where to buy and where to sell trading accounts. Clash Of Clans.

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Where to Sell Clash of Clans Accounts

How to sell your Clash of Clans accounts

To make a truly attractive offer for the rest of the players, you must take into consideration that they seek high-level municipalities, that you have high-ranking heroes and strategies, if you do not comply with this, you may not find a good deal for yours.

Where to Sell Clash of Clans Accounts

eBay: This is one of the most used platforms by players since they are safe, private and external to the game. You will have the confidence to reach many people because it is an app used all over the world.

Free market: The second recommendation is Mercado Libre due to its extensive coverage and security for both the buyer and the seller due to the fact that it has your payment platform and multiple claim options in case you are dissatisfied.

Private Facebook groups: this is a fast and simple alternative to reach people who are truly interested in the game and in a possible purchase of your account, but it is the last one that we recommend because it is possible that you will not find people who are truly interested in making an purchase and yes with users who try to rat you out.

AVOID: Any discussion forum, chat, social networks that are official Supercell accounts and its games, since the administrators are continuously observing users who sell and acquire accounts, understanding that this is a prohibited practice and if they warn you, they will be able to delete your account in the game without the possibility of recovering it.

If you want to know where to buy accounts by Clash of Clans:

First you will have to do an investigation of the different platforms already mentioned to find the account that is attractive to you and that is at a cost that you can pay, but also this investigation will be valuable to you to make an average of what the account should be worth. level and type of account in which you are interested, because if you notice an offer that is worth very little or, on the contrary, that turns out to be too expensive, you will be able to suspect and avoid a scam.

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