How to Throw the Frying Pan in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile It is constantly innovating when it comes to its weapons and the different functions they can do on the battlefield. A Battle Royale game like this makes the Tencent Games company look for each and every one of the ways that your guerrilla can defend himself against the other ninety-nine opponents on the map. The community has been very attentive to the different changes that the independent company Tencent Games has presented, if you are a person who actively follows the PubG social networks, you will realize that with the latest updates the option to launch any class is free of melee weaponry In such a case, we are going to show you how to throw the pan in PUBG Mobile, a fundamental weapon of this category. 

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How to Throw the Pan in PubG Mobile

How to Throw the Pan in PubG Mobile

The frying pan in any Battle Royale game is a melee weapon of the utmost importance, it can help us to cover ourselves from shots due to the fact that we can put it on our back or head, avoiding the deaths of your guerrilla without any kind of reaction. On mobile devices, this weapon was incorporated into games like Free Fire and PubG Mobile, where most players use it to take cover from gunshots.

However, with the new update we can use it to hit your opponent when we are in overwhelmed situations, this technique has fallen wonderfully on each and every one of the players in the community, especially the authors of content that are dedicated to doing pleasant things in PubG Mobile, either by throwing the pan at their heads or making funny movements with them. 

The game will have the option to launch the pan disabled in its default configuration, in order to have this action, you must go to the game configuration, in the "basic" aspects sub menu, there you activate the launch function quickly and a button will be activated on the right side of the screen, so that when we have a pan nearby we can throw it and confuse the opponent. 

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