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If you have played PUBG Mobile and you have seen how successful the game is, you will believe that its author must be an exceptional businessman. The truth is that exactly he defines himself as an easy man, but his story is still amazing. If you have wondered where the author of PUBG Mobile, now we are going to teach you a bit about its history, how it became what it is today and what it does today. 

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Where the PubG Mobile Author Lives

Where the PubG Mobile Author Lives

Brendan PlayerUnknown Greene is the author of the game with more than half a billion downloads on the PlayStore that revolutionized the world of gaming with a new game mode for shooters: Battle Royale. He is an Irishman who life has rewarded with quite a lot of experience, and that we can see in his history as an author. He studied fine arts in Ireland, which is where he was born. However, he did not get a job opportunity in this field as a result of the situation in his country. He then knows graphic and web design and is somewhat passionate, but ends up dedicating himself to music for a while. He then knows the world of games, with deliveries like CoD or Assassin's Creed, with which he accepts that he is not totally comfortable. 

His knowledge in programming and reading manga led him to meddle in the world of creating mods. More particularly, playing ARMA-dos, with its DayZ mod, led him to get an idea related to Battle Royale, a story written by Koushun Takami. It is then that, tired of the games in which the competition is to see who can put the other in the spotlight in less time, he decides to advance to a more strategic field in which not only skillful, but rather also intelligent. 

This is how PUBG was born, which first came out for PCs and due to its enormous success, they did not hesitate to launch a mobile version. Currently

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