When Bikes Arrived in Europe Rise of Kingdoms

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If you are participating in the Peerless Scholar event, you may have come across certain questions that don't make any sense to be there. In such a case, we will confirm the answer to the question of when the bikes arrived in Europe from Rise of Kingdoms. The event consists of what his name affirms, being a scholar. However, it must be accepted that they went a bit too far with the questions that there were. An example of this is the one we answer today, and it is in the XNUMXth century. 

When Bikes Arrived in Europe Rise of Kingdoms

When Bikes Arrived in Europe Rise of Kingdoms

The truth is that these kinds of events promote community participation, and keep us hooked on our favorite game, as it is Rise of kingdoms. However, there were questions that were not even relevant.

And it is that, if we come to this, it is a game in which your questions must be derived from the game itself or from its lore. It would have been exciting to consult about the commanders, or the history of nations. This would still have encouraged study, such as character knowledge, thus letting each of the players become familiar with their favorite hero. 

Another question was which planet in the solar system turns faster. This does not even have to do with the land, nor the nations present in the game. Still, the answer is Jupiter. That turns around on itself in less than one hour. 

One question that was interesting, and that you should investigate, is who designed the Ottoman cannon. The answer is Orb谩n, but in any and every way you should do some research in this regard. Finally, say that this kind of events must continue to occur so that the game does not lose its grace. It is these kinds of details that keep us hooked and for which it is worth continuing to play. 

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