How to Submit Items in PubG Mobile

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When you have extra items or just things in your inventory that you no longer need you can send them as a gift to your friends in PubG Mobile, it is possible that someone else in the community needs it and sending the items to them is a huge charity in order to that they can also continue to progress through the game as . In this article, we are going to explain how to issue the items in the PUBG Mobile

Within the game, there is no detailed information that will tell you that you can send items in the game, but there is a real alternative that appears there. You must bear in mind that you can send multiple objects, you could send coins to those friends who lack exchange resources in the game, apart from sending cosmetic items that you do not use such as masks, skins and any item that you have achieved in a soldier box or in loot box. 

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How to Ship Items in PubG Mobile

How to Submit Items in PubG Mobile

To be able to send objects to your friends in PubG Mobile, you must log in with the account where you have the resources and go to the main lobby on the left side of the screen, where you will be able to see the profile image of each one of your friends. friends. From there, you choose the friend to whom you want to send the object, look for the tool that you are going to send in your inventory and click on the “send gift” option and that's it. 

You must bear in mind that in order to send any kind of gift, the two must have been friends for two hours, apart from two synergy points together, which they can achieve by playing games and sending each other coins to progress their friendship in the game. 

In addition, you can not only send objects that you do not use, but you can also entertain exclusive objects that will brighten the day of your game partner, all in question to your possibilities. 

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