How to Win Spins in Coin Master

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Having spins in Coin Master is the essential foundation of this game. It is for this reason that gamers have sought how to win spins in coin master, and have found different forms.

Through the rolls of Coin Master, it is possible to earn a good amount of coins that allow you to prosper your village and attack other players. And to get coins you need spins. Here you will find out how to win spins in Coin Master and earn useful rewards.

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How to Win Spins on Coin Master

How to Win Spins on Coin Master

Here are some tips that will make you win spins in Coin Master. We can highlight that you must follow certain instructions.

wait certain hours

In Coin Master you receive five spins at no cost, every five hours. If you go for a few hours without spinning the game, you will receive maximum spins. So you have to be quite patient.

Use SpinLink

Available in Google Play Store and App Store, it is an application that allows free spins and a plurality of prizes, through daily links. Apart from SpinLink, you can download other very useful applications such as:

  • Pg Master, free for Android
  • Spin Rewards, libre para Android
  • CM Rewards for iOS
  • Moon Rewards for Android

Win the spin boots

The spin boot is shaped like a blue capsule. Line up three in a round and win spins at no extra cost.

daily links

There are daily Coin Master links that are shared on the network. Through them you can achieve up to forty free spins and up to three.6 million coins, and much higher rewards.

Link the Coin Master account to your Facebook

By linking your Coin Master account to your Facebook account, you will get fifty free spins.

Invite your Facebook friends to play Coin Master

You must get your friends to accept the invitation, download the game and connect the Facebook account to the game. For each friend who completes these steps, you can earn forty free spins.

Follow the official social networks of Coin Master

Through them, the developers make announcements memorizing some achievement and give away spins to the players.

Take part in Coin Master quests and events

Participate in events and missions, free rolls of gifts, apart from incredible benefits.

Complete card builds

One of the prizes offered by filling card compilations is a good sum of spins at no cost.

Watch ads

Coin Master frequently invites you to watch advertisements when you are running low on coins. Take advantage of them, since you can also win several spins at no cost.  

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