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Warzone Season 4 is set to end soon, but it ends with a bang with a brand new submachine gun added to the game in the form of the CX-9.

As always, Warzone players are always on the hunt for the best loadout whenever a new gun is introduced, and the new CX-9 SMG is no exception.

Before we unveil one of the best possible loadouts for the CX-9, it should be noted that the weapon might not be an easy choice for more aggressive players as it comes with a short magazine and relatively low damage range. weak. In order to overcome these drawbacks, we've rounded up the best attachments to pair with the CX-9 SMG to help you get the upper hand on your opponents in Warzone.

Best CX-9 Gear for Warzone

The CX-9 hasn't exactly set Verdansk on fire since its introduction. (Photo: Activision-Blzzard)

The best CX-9 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone at the moment is:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Benefit: Sleight of hand
  • Sub-barrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Magazine: 50 round drum
  • Stocker: CX-FR

Arguably, almost all Warzone weapon loadouts start with Monolithic Suppressor as it's an obvious choice to stay hidden on the minimap. Since the CX-9 has a low damage range, it can be upgraded by using this muzzle slit suppressor.

The CX-9 is perhaps in the meta due to its massive rate of fire, making this SMG a formidable weapon in close combat. Despite this huge advantage, we can't overlook the fact that reload frequency is inversely proportional to rate of fire, nor can we afford slow reload speeds in the middle of a fight. Thus, we decided to use the Sleight of Hand perk which eventually increases the weapon's reload speed by 50%.

In order to achieve better maneuverability, we decided to use Commando Foregrip in the Underbarrel slot. This foregrip provides better recoil stabilization while focusing on aiming stability. Therefore, it is typically used with weapons like the CX-9 to reduce overall recoil at the cost of a small movement speed.

Finally, the CX-FR stock will do the job very well by improving movement and aiming aiming speed. While this affects recoil and aim stability, it will be offset by the Commando Foregrip which has a positive impact on both recoil stabilization and aim stability.

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For those who haven't unlocked the CX-9 yet, they can do so by getting two long-range kills while using an SMG in five different matches.

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