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Rise of Kingdoms it is a fairly complex game of strategy and management, and since the main mechanics are complex, so are its buildings. IN this guide we are going to talk about the main structures of the game and what advantages they offer. It is that the nation you are trying to build in Rise of Kingdoms consists of cities, resource guards and war buildings. Each and every one of the best and best you build will define the future of the territory you govern. 

It is quite difficult to mention all the constructions of Rise of Kingdoms, so we are going to show you the most basic ones and those that you should access as soon as possible. First, keep in mind that there are two types of buildings, which are the economic ones, and the military ones.

As its name affirms, the economic ones are those in charge of the production, collection and storage of materials. The greatest income of resources to your city originates here, so prioritize them. 

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Buildings Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms buildings

The most outstanding buildings in this category are the farm, the sawmill, the excavation and the gold mine. Naturally, warehouses and stalls. All of these serve to run your nation's economy.

On the other hand, you need protection and attack capacity. This is where the military buildings come in, which are responsible for the training of war personnel. You will be able to access a tavern, an exploration camp, barracks, archery range, stable and siege equipment. Each one of them fulfills a main function, and each type of troop requires the existence of a building that creates them. 

As we have told you, the success of your civilization depends on your production buildings, but the maintenance of order and the defense of exactly the same depends on your ability to build and prosper military buildings. Focus on improving them together, based on your needs. 

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