When I Create my Clash Royale Account

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If you are a regular player and ask yourself the question of when i create my clash royale account Don't worry! Since here we will guide you in the proper way to discover even the precise date of your entry into the game. For this, you must inform yourself of certain methods that you can use.

In this way, it is quite difficult to remember the date in which you entered the game for the first time, since it is not customary to take this data into consideration, but it can help you to better organize the information about the game itself. For this reason, if you want to know when did you create your account Clash Royale stay and read on to find out.

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When I Create my Clash Royale Account

When do I create my Clash Royale account?

To discover this kind of information, you can go to the your phone settings and see when the app was installed. Likewise, you only have to go to your mobile settings, and in the application panel click on Clash Royale, in order to determine the data in which it was installed.

You can too determine the date thanks to if you took a screenshot that day, it may sound stupid, but if you took a screenshot that day, you just have to search for that image and see the data. The bad thing about these methods is that they only work if you have had exactly the same mobile as always and in all circumstances. Therefore, if you changed your device, it will not work for you.

But still you can discover your entry date thanks to your Google Play/AppStore account. Since, said platform, saves the input data of any application that you have made. You only have to look for the precise information from the official store of your device, once inside go to the settings of the applications that you have installed and thus discover precisely the data in which you used it for the first time.

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