When did Stumble Guys come out?

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Stumble guys It is one of the games that has pleased all the players in the gaming community from the moment it was launched, until that moment they continue to bring new content that makes everyone feel very comfortable and continue to have completely competitive games and entertaining.

Although it is a game that not everyone knows about, its modality has made it known as quickly as possible, at every moment it is sought as a game to be able to compete at a high level, apart from being that game that many use to spend pleasant moments full of laughter and fun. As a form of thanks, here we are going to tell you more about the moment in which it was launched Stumble guys.

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When did Stumble Guys come out?

When did Stumble Guys come out?

Stumble guys had its beginnings on October XNUMX, XNUMX, developed by Kitka Games, a game developer company for video consoles, with the aim of releasing a game for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows, in which you could have races full of obstacles and logically, a lot of competition.

The idea was so clear that each and every one of the people who downloaded stumble guys, could not stop playing at any time, apart from calling their friends to join as soon as possible. The plurality in Stumble guys makes the gamer community always and in all circumstances active, and look for the best for their favorite game in each and every one of the updates that come out.

Now that you know considerably more about all things launching Stumble guys, it's time for you to tell your friends when they're together chatting about this fantastic game that will always give you countless amounts of fun. Without further ado, we hope you have fun in each and every game you play. 

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