when is pubg mobile updated

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The developers of PUBG Mobile they are people who are quite aware of the demands that their game has and the set of things that they can offer. Stay to read and we will tell you when it is updated PUBG Mobile, such as the number of aspects to renew in the game. The current era began on January XNUMX, XNUMX and so far we only know that it ends in the third month of the year. This means that we still have a month to rank where we'd like, and get whatever rewards we want so far.

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when is pubg mobile updated

when is pubg mobile updated

We also know that there are some weapons that need to be rebalanced. Examples of this are the UMP45 and the AVM. To this day, they are perhaps the most useful weapons in the entire game. With the damage of an assault rifle and the stability of a machine gun, the UMP45 can pick up long-range kills without much effort.

On the other hand, the AVM can take out a person with a headshot, regardless of what helmet the person is wearing. It is the most powerful weapon in the entire game and it certainly needs to be rebalanced. Then there are the weapons that absolutely no one uses, like the M762, which is picked up by people who have just fallen because it is the only automatic weapon within reach. 

Unfortunately, it's still too early for a new update to be announced, but due to the relentless pace of developers coming up with new seasons, there's bound to be one on the very day it starts. So get ready for March XNUMX, XNUMX, for the fact that there's a new season, rebalancing, and a promise to progress the game quite significantly. 

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