When did Cookie Run Kingdom come out?

When did Cookie Run Kingdom come out?

Cookie run kingdom is a game developed and created by the company DevSisters and that is an integral part of the saga Cookie Run, like Cookie Run Ovenbreak, in which we are going to be able to build our kingdom, explore a vast planet and fight with the dark forces that are trying to take over the planet. It is a game created for mobile devices and does not require large resources to be played.

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When did Cookie Run Kingdom come out?

When did Cookie Run Kingdom come out?

The game was put on the Google Play Store for the first time on January 2021, XNUMX., so we are talking about a game that barely has a free year and that, despite having so little time, has a lot of players around all over the world, which makes it quite entertaining and entertaining, since you will be able to add your friends and visit their kingdoms, as they will be able to visit yours and they will also be able to play certain game modes together.

What to do in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie run kingdom It is a vast game in which apart from the enormous number of game modes it offers, we can also enjoy different events and activities, such as the construction of our city, which will keep us entertained. Now, we are going to offer you a count of the things you can do in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Campaign mode

There are many game modes in Cookie run kingdom that we can play, but undoubtedly the most essential would be the Campaign mode, which is going to be the way in which we are going to be able to really advance in the game, this mode consists of different stages with different levels that we must overcome using our cookies and managing our attacks in battle. Each level will cost a certain amount of hearts, that is, if you do not have hearts, you will have to wait until they regenerate.

build your city

A fundamental aspect of this game is to build our city, since this will allow us to access resources that will be used to exchange for other things in the game, such as, for example, cookies or costumes. There are different houses and buildings that we are going to be able to build in exchange for coins and that they will offer us resources such as axes, jams, sugar and much more.

Shop the cookie gacha and costume gacha

The game starts with gingerbread and from there we will start our way through the magical planet ruled by evil. Today there more than thirty-five cookies that we can achieve, some we will only achieve in events and others in the cookie porridge launches, which cost three hundred crystals, in addition to this, we will also be able to go to a costume gacha and achieve costumes for our cookies.

This is the date when Cookie Run Kingdom came out and in addition to this, some things you should know about the game if you are a new user. If you liked this note, remember to review the rest Cookie Run Kingdom guides that we have free for you.

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