when did pubg mobile come out

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PUBG Mobile It didn't start out as a mobile project. In truth, the game was released primarily for mid-tier PCs, and it promised a planet of possibilities with a new gameplay that was completely unlike anything seen in current shooters. Stay to read the story of PUBG Mobileapart from when it came out.

PUBG is an online game that came out for heavy devices like PCs, Xbox and Play Station. By the time it was published, solo campaign shooters, like Call Of Duty or Battlefield, were prevalent. These had an online multiplayer mode, but it was nothing out of the ordinary: two teams, eliminations and the first one to seventy-five points wins. 

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when did pubg mobile come out

When did PubG Mobile come out?

That's when PUBG arrives with its Battle Royale, an idea completely different from this, which promised a lot. As you may know, it's a mode where a hundred people throw themselves on an island and the last one standing wins. This then evolves into the perfect squad mode, with teams of up to four people in each and every match. That is when the heyday of the game and the lack of competition make developers create PUBG Mobile in the third month of the year two thousand and eighteen. The lack of competition and the innovative proposal made the game widely supported by the entire mobile community.

Today PUBG Mobile is one of the most played Battle Royale of all and maintains that realistic essence that characterizes it from the first moment. Although they have adapted their product to the current markets, with colorful costumes, pleasant weapon skins and Premium animations.

Developers today prepare each season months in advance, with due care not to leak any data and with the aim of continuing to attract new players interested in having fun and enjoying one of the few quality products in the world of gaming.

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