What is the Author Code for in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale It is one of the best games that has many users in different areas of the planet, so you will be able to play online at any time you want since there will always be people connected to the game. In clash royale you can play against strangers, with and against your friends and in a clan.

There are many Clash Royale players, some professionals, others beginners and also content creators of Clash Royale who share their experiences, tips and advice on different digital platforms such as twitch, YouTube or Discord and who have an active Clash Royale community that follows and supports them.

Have you ever wondered what is the author code for in clash royale? Since if the answer is yes, Calm! Since, soon we will be explaining to you what this code is particularly worth in the well-known title. Let us begin!

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What is the Author Code for in Clash Royale

What is the author code for in clash Royale?

For the players the creator code It works to be able to obtain resources practically always and in all circumstances, gems that the game will give you when you enter the code of a specific author. To be exactly the same authors they must have an active community that follows and supports them, they must displace masses of at least five thousand people.

Note that be an author in clash royale It is also not a simple thing, due to the fact that you must not only be a good player, but rather also know how to interact with the masses. Likewise, you must have a computer to be able to play comfortably, and another to record yourself while you do it, and not to mention the computer that you must have to edit the content.

How to support an author in Clash Royale?

  1. Sign in Clash Royale.
  2. Go to the store section.
  3. Scroll down, and press the option Support a creator.
  4. Paste or write the creator code.
  5. You have already supported an author and received the reward.
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