What is Synergy in Clash Royale

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This term is truly precise and indispensable within Clash Royale. Knowing this, today we are going to talk about what is synergy in clash royale, apart from all the advantages that it generates for the players. In the same way, we are going to give some examples of card combinations that produce attack synergies and defense synergies.

Knowledge in this renowned game is vital if you want to win, as those with the best combinations will get the strongest synergy and therefore will win the battles in the arena. So if you want to know what is synergy in Clash Royale Just keep reading! Let's go there!

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What is Synergy in Clash Royale

What is synergy in clash royale?

La synergy in clash royale is a term that is eminently used to express when two cards merge perfectly. In other words, one card completes the other making them a really hard combination to destroy. In addition to this, there are multiple genres of synergy in the game, some of them are:

Attack synergies

For this kind of synergy there are some effective combinations like: Archers-Ice Golem, Ice Golem-Archers.

Defense synergies

In this genre of synergy Multiple combinations stand out such as: Skeletons-Cannon, Cannon-Skeleton, Cannon-Ice Golem, Cannon-The Log, Archers-Ice Golem, Ice Golem-Cannon and The Log-Cannon.

Data to create a good deck

To be able to make a deck remember that it must be varied, this will allow you to defend yourself from different attacks such as: Air, ground, tank and hordes. The chosen cards must have a logical curve. In other words, they cannot be each and every one low or each and every one high, balance is essential. Likewise, you must include in your deck an attack card against the towers, among them they can be: The giant, montapuercos or pekka.

The most essential thing is to make a great strategy that allows you to defend yourself effectively while supporting the attack. The best example would be: the spirit of fire that thanks to their potential they are going to protect the montapuercos. Having units like skeletons or goblins in your deck can help you a lot to sustain a successful defense.

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