What is Sensitivity for in PubG Mobile

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Sensitivity is one of the most essential aspects in any shooting game, it helps us to be able to supervise the movement of the sight with which we aim at our contenders, in such a way that it moves faster or slower at the time of moving it accordingly. to our game preference. It is essential that you learn to monitor sensitivity in PUBG Mobile, because this technique will help you to destroy each and every one of the free game modalities, when you have complete control of your aim, you will always have a time advantage against your opponents.

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What is Sensitivity for in PubG Mobile

What is Sensitivity for in PubG Mobile

In order to configure the sensitivity you must go to the main settings of the game, which will appear at the top of the screen identified with the symbol of a nut, from there you go to the basic configuration of the game and in the sensitivity submenu to finish that you can make each and every one of the respective changes

You should keep in mind that to find the ideal sensitivity for you you should practice playing many games, making sharp turns, defending against attacks from behind, and making short and long distance shots. In each and every one of these aspects, you need to feel comfortable with the movement of the camera, in such a way that you can hit each shot you make and know one hundred percent the mobility of your player. 

You can find in different places a base of settings used by the most recognized players in PubG Mobile for their high level of play, but you need to practice with this genre of format to make slight changes according to your preference and comfort at the time of play. enter the battlefield. 

We advise you that the greater the distance between you and your opponent, the lower the sensitivity, since we will see it in a smaller proportion on the map when it is very far away and it will be more difficult to shoot accurately.

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