What is Frame Rate in PubG Mobile

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If you are one of the people who ask what is the frame rate in PUBG Mobile, then this guide on screen configurations, fluency and specifications will help you understand this term, quite essential in the game and the gaming world normally.

The frame rate is neither more nor less than the frequency with which your screen is updated to show the information it receives from the game. If it is difficult for you to understand, first keep in mind that your screen does not play videos continuously, but instead shows each segment of the video frame by frame.

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What is Frame Rate in PubG Mobile

What is Frame Rate in PubG Mobile

This means that each and every one of the cinematographic pieces are not totally continuous, but are made up of a set of frames that, placed one after the other, create the illusion that the images on the screen are moving. That is essential to estimate when you play PUBG Mobile, since your gaming experience will depend on this. Frame rate is the number of images that flash across your screen in one second. This is represented by a number, followed by the initials fps, which means "Frames per Second", which translates to Spain as frames per second. 

The game warns always and at all times about increasing the graphics while decreasing the fps. And that's how everything works. Your phone needs to process a certain amount of information to output about sixty fps, and for the game to look smooth.

When you start uploading the graphics, the information it has to handle becomes heavier, and consequently the frame rate is reduced. This inconvenience is solved by activating from the configuration, the regulation of the automatic rate, from the graphics configuration of the game. 

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