What exactly is the Gem Mine for in Clash of Clans

What exactly is the Gem Mine for in Clash of Clans

The dream of many Clash of Clans players came true when the gem mine appeared in the update a few years ago, do you know why? Here you have all the information about this element so that you discover what the gem mine is worth in Clash Of Clans.

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What is the Gem Mine for in Clash of Clans

What is the gem mine?

What looked like just another ruin is actually waiting for you to build it, to become a valuable site that generates and stores the most precious resource in the game, gems. 

What is the Gem Mine for in Clash of Clans

as we lied, this mine will give you gems constantly and they will stay there stored until the moment you go to pick them up or until the moment the storage is full and it cannot generate more. Thus, you will not need to pay to achieve them or have to wait until you reach great goals so that they are gifts, you simply have to be attentive to collect them.

How many gems can he give you?

As you evolve this building, it will give you more gems and its ability to store them will also increase. The maximum level - so far - that you can progress to is up to level nine.

1 level- At first it is a structure with a wooden arch supported by ropes at the entrance, with a gem symbol on the side of the mine, and a lane extending out of the grotto. Here you will be able to generate two.1 gems per day and you will be able to save up to one of them.

Level two In its appearance there are no important changes, other than the arch and the base of the Gem Mine that are strengthened with metal. You will now be able to make two.40 gems per day and hoard one.

3 level: now the upper part of the grotto is replaced by an open roof and a system of pulleys. It will let you make two-sixty-four gems and save one.

4 level: the reinforcement metal plates change to a bronze scheme to let you make two .88 gems and keep one in a set.

5 level: here the reinforcing wooden structure now extends to the rear of the grotto. Now you can make three.12 gems and save one.

6 level: There are no major changes, however, now you will be able to have up to one gem and make three.36 gems per day. 

7 level: a bar is attached to the ceiling and now suspends the pulley system. It gives you the ability to make three.84 gems per day and save one.

8 level: a new pulley system appears consisting of a large pulley with its bar attached to the ceiling through bolts. You will now be able to make four.32 gems and store two of them in the deposit.

9 level: There are no more significant changes to her appearance, but at her max level you have a chance to make four 80 gems and save two.

Where can you get the gem mine?

the gem mine is in the base of the constructor, that is, in your second village. To unlock it you need to have municipality level four and rebuild the ship that will take you to it. You will be able to use these gems in any of your villages.

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