What Exactly Devices is PubG Mobile Free for?

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Many years have passed since the PubG saga launched its game for mobile devices, so it has undergone many updates and important changes seeking to improve many aspects of the game. As there have been great successes in endless updates, game downloads have increased and above all the desire to create on the part of the Tencent Games company to keep its community active and happy, because there is a lot of competition in what which refers to shooting games like Fornite, Free Fire and Call Of Duty Mobile, so it is necessary to keep their users hooked on the game

. There are many people who enjoy the experience of playing PUBG Mobile, so if you want to optimize your game we are going to explain what are the minimum requirements that PubG Mobile needs, with them you will know which device is going to be free to play it and why not. 

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What Devices is PubG Mobile Free for?

What Devices is PubG Mobile Free for?

As for part of the hardware, it is extremely necessary that our mobile device has at least 2GB of Ram memory and about ninety MB of free storage so that it can download everything necessary, without counting the extra packages that you must download in the game, maps, accessories, skins, among many others. Regarding the operating system, we need a very complete version in IOS, at least version ninety, and in Android system version four.3 of the system that we found from Google. 

In short, it requires peculiarities that are currently available for mid-high range devices, the game can weigh up to 2GB of storage and with two GB of RAM it can run smoothly with very low graphics, so if you want to optimize this you should look for a mobile device with at least three GB of RAM and a more up-to-date processor. 

As for IOS, it will be available from iphone6s to iphone X. If it is on Android, there is a huge variety of cell phones such as the Motorola Motorcycle G5, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and 8A, Samsung Galaxy NoteXNUMX, among many others.

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