What exactly is the War Machine for in Clash Of Clans

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If you are lucky enough to have a War Machine in your possession, we recommend that you use it for any of your attack strategies, as it is truly powerful. Here you will discover what the War Machine is worth in Clash Of Clans.

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What is the War Machine for in Clash Of Clans

What is the war machine?

He is the first and only hero you will find in the Builder's Base. It is a huge machine where the professor builder controls from the cabin, it is made of wood and has a hammer with which it destroys buildings and opponents. As you level it up, it changes like iron reinforcements, bolts, and cockpit protection.

To unlock it, you will need to have base level five builder and pay nine hundred elixir to repair it.

What is the War Machine for in Clash Of Clans

Its main objective is to attack the protective buildings of the opponents with its great hammer, but it will not help you to protect your base from the builder.

Currently you can evolve it up to level thirty where you're going to do two thousand seven hundred twenty-four damage per hit, but when you get to level five, you're going to see that now the hammer is electric, that is, throughout a short period of time during the battle, the hammer will increase its damage and you will be able to use that ability every few seconds, so you will be able to use it multiple times throughout exactly the same battle.

Why should you use the war machine?

First, because of its large amount of life points, but also because he is immune to many of the other heroes' traps. All this means that this machine will last you for quite some time throughout the battle.

You can use the war machine ability when it is next to buildings with high health points and you will cause more destruction.

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