What are Whiteouts in PubG Mobile

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If you consider that you have ever humiliated a person, it is because they have never whited you out. PUBG Mobile is a game where you have to be pro enough to dance on an opponent's corpse. On the other hand, in other game modes there is another genre of taunts. In this article we are going to tell you what whitewashes are in PUBG Mobile.

If you want to know what a shutout is in PUBG Mobile, enter the game and from the main menu go to the missions section. First, go to achievements and tap on the gun icon. Here are achievements related to the use of weapons and eliminations. 

Now you must look for the achievement "legion of victory". In this is the description of what a shutout is in PUBG Mobile.

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What are Whiteouts in PubG Mobile

What are Whiteouts in PubG Mobile

Now, if you are not satisfied with this procedure, we will tell you in summary. This is something you can only do in perfect 4v4 mode. A shutout in PUBG is when your team wins before your opponent reaches two points. This means that the opponent has never made even half of the kills required to win. 

Making a shutout is one of the most difficult achievements of PUBG Mobile. It can be simple only when you are competing against bots, like in Battle Royale. Sadly, this mode does not have the number of players for this phenomenon to occur, so you will always be matched with real players. 

And it is precisely for this reason that it is difficult to achieve a shutout. The only thing you can focus on now is progressing your skills and practicing alongside your team. Occasionally, with countless games played, you will be able to unlock the achievement and vex your opponents in PUBG Mobile. 

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